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I am a boudoir photographer located in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire but travel to Maine and Massachusetts as well. Head over to my contact page or my Facebook page to get ahold of me or see more of my portfolio. I am also on Instagram as @amorvitaephotography. Keep scrolling down to find out a bit more about me, how I started my business and why I do what I do. I look forward to hearing from you! ~ Megan

I started Amor Vitae in 2013 just shooting freelance while managing a studio on Long Island. It was while at the studio that I was first introduced to boudoir and glamour photography. After that first shoot I know it was what I wanted to make my career. While not as new of a genre as it once was, boudoir still can have a bit of a stigma attached to it. However, I believe it is one of the most beautiful forms of photography. For me, as a photographer and as a women, one of the greatest gifts someone can give is the gift of confidence and self esteem. Too many women think too little of themselves. It is my passion to bring out their inner siren and have them embrace it wholeheartedly. 


I love my boudoir clients. I love planning with them, plotting with them when its a surprise, and encouraging them to step outside their comfort zones and do something they never have before. As a photographer it's challenging. I have to learn how their brains work, what makes them tick, what their insecurities are and why. When I become their cheerleader, I have to become my own as well. I have to figure out a way to have them step past those insecurities to find within themselves what everyone around them sees: a beautiful woman. 


As a woman, its equally hard being a boudoir photographer. I wrestle with the same fears and insecurities that my clients do. Every time I encourage them to see who they really are, I have to look inside myself and do the same. Society puts so much emphasis on women having to be perfect when in reality, we already are. Each and every one of us is perfect how we are. We need never change because of pressure from family, friends, or our society. 


Amor Vitae is Latin - the translation is "Love Life". When I wrestled with what I wanted to embody as a business and as a photographer, I wanted something that not only stood out as different, but something that would resonate with myself and my clients. Amor Vitae can be taken two ways. As a person's "love life" (most of my clients have their shoots done as gifts) or as "to love life". One of the reasons I love Latin - sometimes it has no exact translation or definition. The mission of AV is to capture everything about you, about life, that you love. Your personality, your body, your love, your life.Take it as you will. What does it mean for you?

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